We are proud to showcase a wine selection that complements our seafood focused menu. Always evolving we have worked to develop a notable wine list featuring labels sourced both locally and from major wine making regions around the globe.

Wine List

For specific wine needs please email JP Potters at jppotters@boulevardvancouver.ca


teng pao no.2 |  16
light, floral, sparkling
lemongrass infused lychee liqueur, haku vodka, lemon, prosé sparkling rose
baie rose |  18
floral, fruity, zesty
pink peppercorn infused gin, muroise liqueur, yuzu, lemon, simple syrup, egg white
kazoku | 16
herbaceous, fresh, complex
toki whisky, sake, lemon, shiso syrup, shiso bitters
puebla | 17
complex, boozy, bracing
cazadores blanco tequila, amaro montenegro, punt e mes, maraschino liqueur, orange & ango bitters
velvet fog | 17
 smoky, smooth, cacao
sombra mezcal, house blend vermouth, house coffee liqueur
negroni noce | 16
nutty, bitter-sweet, subtle
campari, beefeater gin, nocino liqueur, house blend vermouth

Bartender’s Choice

clover club |  17
fruity, sour, fresh
tanqueray no.10 gin, raspberry puree, lemon, simple syrup, egg white
Originating in the late 1800’s, this pre-prohibition classic found its feet again at julie reiners brooklyn bar aptly named “clover club”, and became a hit once more with delightful balance of gin, raspberry and citrus
slimline paloma |  17
refreshing, dry, bright
cazadores blanco, lime, grapefruit juice, grapefruit and quince botanical soda, salt rim
A classic from mexico, traditionally containing grapefruit soda, this version brings a lighter style, using fresh juice and locally produced grapefruit soda with no additional sugar, for a refreshing yet balanced experience
japanese highball | 17
light, effervescent, subtle
toki whisky, soda, lemon oil spritz
A main stay of Japanese drinking culture and session-worthy, its low alcohol content and balance of flavours make it a very food friendly cocktail throughout the evening
hot shot | 18
warming, smoky, spicy
peated scotch blend, ginger juice, lemon, honey, hot water
Originating from the modern classic penicillin from milk & honey in new york, this “hot toddy” version brings all the spice and smokiness needed for the winter months
caribbean paper plane | 17
 bright, complex, bitter-sweet
plantation stiggins’ pineapple rum, aperol, amaro montenegro, lemon
A unique take on the paper plane, the use of pineapple rum gives it a tropical feel while melding surprisingly well with the bitter sweet amaro and aperol
mezcal last word | 20
herbaceous, smoky, structured
bruxo-x mezcal, green chartreuse, maraschino liqueur, lime
The pre-prohibition classic to end all classics, the last word has been known to be one of the main reasons for the cocktail revival in the early 2000’s. This version with the addition of mezcal, has been said to leave people speechless
black manhattan | 18
nutty, intense, rich
knob creek 9yr bourbon, averna , black walnut bitters
A modern take on a manhattan, the use of bourbon and replacement of vermouth with averna amaro, gives this cocktail a richer mouthfeel with bittersweet, nutty finish that is perfect to imbibe at any part of the day

Drink List