We are proud to showcase a wine selection that complements our seafood focused menu. Always evolving we have worked to develop a notable wine list featuring labels sourced both locally and from major wine making regions around the globe.

*The wine list is subject to change at any time.

For specific wine needs please email JP Potters at jppotters@boulevardvancouver.ca

Blvd Signature cocktails

boulevard martini | 18 (2.5oz)
spirit-forward, oceanic, botanical
sheringham seaside gin, longtable cucumber gin, nori infused vermouth, pickled ginger
Our house martini is an oceanic version, utilizing locally produced gins with a bright, palate cleansing finish. Served in a frozen glass

teng pao no.2 |  16 (1oz)
light, floral, sparkling
lemongrass infused haku vodka, lychee liqueur, lemon, prosé sparkling rosé
A blend of fruit forward lychee and dry rosé sparkling brings together a refreshing and bright cocktail, delicious for any occasion

agra |  17 (2oz)
herbaceous, fruity, bright
botanist islay dry gin, yellow chartreuse, lime, passionfruit puree, peach nectar
Meaning ‘beloved’ in gaelic, agra is a reference to the natural ingredients that help us create the spirits & cocktails we enjoy

mon chéri | 16 (2oz)
fresh, balanced, sweet, sour
havana 3y, lime, plum puree, plum bitters
Simple, sublime and delicate blend of rum’s sweetness with the freshness and fruitiness of plum and lime juice

la mirage |  18 (2oz)
smoky, fresh, floral
bruxo mezcal, coconut rum, lime juice, strawberry bitters, fernet
Combination of citrus and coconut veiled by fine expressions of smoke and layered with bitterness of fernet

smokin’ peaches | 19 (2oz)
spirit-forward, fruity, smoky
johnnie walker black, lagavulin 8, peach, bergamot bitters
The island of Islay plays a main role in this old fashioned twist: it’s all about heavier, smoky notes balanced with sweet little touches of peaches

Bourbon Heritage Month

BLVD boulevardier | 22 (2.5oz)
spirit-forward, bitter-sweet
booker’s bourbon, five spice infused vermouth, poli-bitter
Our signature version of this prohibition classic from 1927, carefully blended with our house-spiced vermouth

mint julep | 19 (2oz)
spirit forward-fresh
knob creek 9y bourbon, sugar, mint
Bourbon Heritage Month cannot be celebrated without this Kentucky classic from 1770. Served over crushed ice and topped with mint granita

paper plane | 18 (2oz)
bright, complex, bitter-sweet
jim beam black, aperol, amaro nonino, lemon
Sam Ross’ modern classic. Crafted in Chicago in the early 2000’s as a play on another classic: the last word

heydon’s sour| 19 (2oz)
fruity, refreshing
basil hayden, calvados, apricot brandy, yuzu, lemon, egg white
Light-bodied bourbon complimented with sweet-and-sour elements that come from calvados, apricot brandy and yuzu

dear clementine | 20 (2oz)
citrusy, tangy, complex
maker’s mark, noilly amber, citrus reduction, mandarin
House-made citrus reduction make this late summer fruit-forward cocktail a refreshing option. Wheat bourbon provides a delicious contrast with warm soft notes

amarena old fashioned | 20 (2oz)
spirit-forward, bitter-sweet
maker’s mark 46, amarena oleo sachrum, preserved cherries
Amarena cherry oleo in this Boulevard blend shares the spotlight with the bourbon to bring sweet and tarty characteristics to a seminal spirit-forward cocktail

Drink List