We are proud to showcase a wine selection that complements our seafood focused menu. Always evolving we have worked to develop a notable wine list featuring labels sourced both locally and from major wine making regions around the globe.

*Full wine list is available by request.
**The wine list is subject to change at any time.

For specific wine needs please email info@boulevardvancouver.ca

Blvd Signature cocktails

teng pao no.2 |  17 (1oz)
light, floral, sparkling
lemongrass infused haku vodka, lychee liqueur, lemon, prosé sparkling rosé
A blend of fruit forward lychee and dry rosé sparkling brings together a refreshing and bright cocktail, delicious for any occasion

through the looking glass|  18 (2oz)
complex, fruity, refreshing
beefeater gin, cocchi americano, lemon, peach nectar, egg white
This sour draws inspiration from two distinctly English tipples. Gin leads while tea leaves provide savory floral notes giving way to a silky bittersweet finish

samsonite | 19 (2oz)
smoky, citrusy, fresh
bruxo-x mezcal, aperol, honey, lemon, orange bitters, cucumber
Created for the lead actress of a 1990’s classic comedy film about two dimwitted protagonists caught up in a caper in which the big picture always seems to elude them, this off-menu Gerard favorite is finally committed to paper

exotic bird |  19 (2oz)
tropical, spicy, complex
plantation pineapple rum, ancho reyes, campari, pineapple, lime, orgeat
Nutty, floral sweetness and a subtle hint of chili spice take this riff on a classic Tiki drink to new heights

smokin’ peaches | 19 (2oz)
spirit-forward, fruity, smoky
johnnie walker black, lagavulin 8, peach, bergamot bitters
The island of Islay plays a main role in this old fashioned twist: it’s all about heavier, smoky notes balanced with sweet little touches of peach

cuba libre old fashioned | 18 (2oz)
spirit forward, bold, balanced
diplomatico rum, averna amaro, angostura and chocolate bitters
Two titans of the cocktail world come together as one in this unique take on the familiar old fashioned

BLVD Classics

BLVD martini | 18 (2.5oz)
spirit-forward, oceanic, botanical
sheringham seaside gin, longtable cucumber gin, nori infused vermouth, pickled ginger
A curated blend of local gins, nori infused vermouth and an inventive ‘frozen’ preparation method lend a modern West Coast f lair to
history’s most iconic cocktail

bees knees | 19 (2oz)
crisp, clean, bright
botanist gin, honey syrup, lemon
This prohibition era cocktail was created by Frank Meier of the Hotel Ritz Paris in 1921. Our version eschews the bathtub gin in favor of a premium dry gin. With clean botanical citrus flavors and honey, it’s no wonder this classic earned its notoriety

saturn | 20 (2oz)
tropical, citrusy, fresh
elephant navy gin, falernum, orgeat, passion fruit, lemon
Created in 1967 by J. “Po Po” Galsini for the International Bartender’s Assoctiation World Championship, but quickly forgotten, th is recipe was rediscovered by Jeff “Beachbum” Berry years later. This otherworldly combination of botanical gin, tropical fruit and Tiki spices deserves its place in the cocktail universe

green point | 20 (2oz)
spirit forward, herbaceous
reifel rye, antica formula vermouth, yellow chartreuse
Hailing from one Brooklyn’s hippest neighborhoods, this robust brown-spirit nightcap will take you on a journey off the beaten path with its subtly complex bold flavors. This Manhattan riff from Mike Mcllry of New York’s Milk and Honey leans on a legendarily mysterious elixir crafted by French monks

BLVD boulevardier | 22 (2.5oz)
spirit-forward, bitter-sweet
booker’s bourbon, five spice infused vermouth, poli-bitter
Our version of this iconic cocktail named for the “Man about Town” remains true to the original recipe f irst printed in 1927, while house infused five-spice vermouth adds spice and intrigue

Drink List