We are proud to showcase a wine selection that complements our seafood focused menu. Always evolving we have worked to develop a notable wine list featuring labels sourced both locally and from major wine making regions around the globe.

Wine List

For specific wine needs please email JP Potters at jppotters@boulevardvancouver.ca


teng pao no.2 |  16 (2oz)
light, floral, sparkling
lemongrass infused haku vodka, lychee liqueur, lemon, prosé sparkling rosé
A blend of fruit forward lychee and dry rosé sparkling brings together a
refreshing and bright cocktail, delicious for any occasion
navarra | 18(2oz)
spirit-forward, bitter-sweet
maker’s mark, campari, piquillo pepper infused vermouth, averna amaro
Elegant bourbon in combination with succulent sweet, tangy and smoky undertones of piquillo vermouth and herbaceous amaro
agra |  17 (2oz)
herbaceous, fruity, bright
botanist islay dry gin, yellow chartreuse, lime, passionfruit puree, peach nectar
meaning ‘beloved’ in gaelic, agra is a reference to the natural ingredients
that help us create the spirits & cocktails we enjoy

el burro loco |  17 (2oz)
spicy, smoky, layered

chili infused cazadores blanco tequila, los siete mysterious dobo yej, honey syrup, lemon, fever tree ginger beer
mixing multiple layers of spice, ‘the crazy donkey’ is equal parts refreshing
& bold with a subtle smoke finish
sandals in the snow|  19 (2oz)
complex, intense, exotic
suntory toki, b&b, allspice orgeat , lemon, tawny port
This winter—Tiki inspired creation will take you right to the beautiful
beaches of O’ahu
*contains nuts
bloomsbury sour |  18 (2oz)
zesty, nuanced, complex
tanqueray no. 10, aperol, sherry, grapefruit, lemon
Refreshing and complex layers of gin in combination with sherry and aperol create a perfect cocktail for the patio or an intimate dinner

Bartender’s Choice

boulevard martini | 18 (2oz)
spirit-forward, oceanic, botanical
sheringham seaside gin, longtable cucumber gin nori infused vermouth, pickled ginger
Our house martini is an oceanic version, utilizing locally produced gins with a bright, palate cleansing finish. Served in a frozen glass
revival of the fittest | 17 (2oz)
refreshing, floral, bright
empress 1908 gin, lillet, bitter bianco, lemon, chamomile spritz
Named after the original ‘corpse reviver no.2’, this slightly floral yet invigorating twist will bring you back from the dead
caribbean paper plane | 17 (2oz)
bright, complex, bitter-sweet
plantation pineapple rum, aperol, amaro montenegro, lemon
A unique take on the paper plane, pineapple rum gives a tropical feel while melding surprisingly well with the bittersweet amaro and aperol
brujo blanco | 20 (2oz)
smoky, floral, structured
bruxo mezcal, maraschino, white chocolate, yuzu, egg white
Silky combination of citrus and white chocolate veiled by fine expressions of smoke
chaconia sour | 20 (2oz)
intense, aromatic, zesty
amaro di angostura, glenmorangie x, lime, turbinado sugar, egg white
Named after the national flower of trinidad, this cocktail boasts a similarly intense red hue, like the world-renowned bitters made there
smokin’ peaches | 19 (2oz)
spirit-forward, fruity, smoky
johnnie walker black, lagavulin 8, peach, bergamot bitters
Island of Islay plays a main role in this old fashioned twist: it’s all about heavier, smoky notes balanced with sweet little touches of peaches

Drink List