We are proud to showcase a wine selection that complements our seafood focused menu. Always evolving we have worked to develop a notable wine list featuring labels sourced both locally and from major wine making regions around the globe.

Wine List

For specific wine needs please email JP Potters at jppotters@boulevardvancouver.ca


teng pao |  16
emongrass infused lychee liqueur, lemon, sparkling wine
alpenglow |  16
ginger infused el gobernador pisco, tio pepe fino sherry, lemon, citrus honey syrup, egg white, nutmeg, angostura
strand 75 | 16
grey goose vodka, cointreau, lime, anise cranberry syrup, cava
amor y amargo | 17
campari, odd society salal berry gin, star of bombay gin,cinzano orancia vermouth
lapsang old fashioned | 18
westland peated American single malt, knob creek rye, smoked maple syrup, bittered sling bitters, angostura bitters
turmeric sour | 17
maker’s mark bourbon, turmeric syrup, lemon, egg white, turmeric chai dust

Drink List