Beef Tenderloin Rossini

Set the table for a most opulent experience curated by Chef Alex Chen. Indulge in a velvety Lobster Bisque infused with a thoughtful arrangement of herbs and topped with a brandy crème. Chef Alex will educate and guide you through how to cook luxurious ingredients such as premium tenderloin, Perigold black truffles sourced from France, and indulgent foie gras. Step away from this latest experience with confidence in the kitchen to use the best of the best.

Complete the Boulevard experience with pairings from JP Potters, Wine Director. JP suggests the rich and fragrant seafood bisque be paired with a fresh California Chardonnay. The indulgent Beef Tenderloin Rossini calls for an aromatic red with robust tannin and acidity to balance out the dish’s richness – a Nebbiolo fits perfectly here.

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